Emirates flight 203 from Dubai lands at JFK after passengers report feeling sick

Emergency responders seen from the Emirates flight
Emergency responders seen from the Emirates flight via @LarryCoben on Twitter

Emergency responders investigated a flight that landed at JFK Wednesday morning after passengers fell ill and reportedly suffered high temperatures.

The plane was directed to a quarantine location on the airport tarmac to undergo an evaluation by officials from the Centers for Disease Control. Emirates representatives claim it was food poisoning and that only 10 passengers were sick, but U.S. officials have not yet reached a conclusion. Reports from the Mayor's office indicate that 10 people were taken to the hospital while eight were treated on scene. A passenger who recorded the video below states that the group of passengers appeared sick before boarding the plane, and all 521 passengers will need to be evaluated by authorities before being released.

Wednesday, September 5 at 5:36pm: NYC Health has taken respiratory samples from the hospitalized patients and expects to have the results this evening. Based on the symptoms, the health department suspects this is a type of influenza.

Thursday, September 6 at 10:57am: The Mayor's press secretary confirmed via a social media post that the 10 hospitalized patients tested positive for the flu, but no further information was provided. A Great Big City has reached out to the CDC for comment.

Emirates flight 203 is a direct flight from Dubai to JFK that uses an Airbus A380-800. It departed 30 minutes late, but landed in New York on-time.

Photos from Larry Coben, a passenger on the flight:

A short video shows officials directing passengers on the plane to keep the aisles clear:

Passengers will fill out a Centers for Disease Control form that is specifically tailored to flight passengers:


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