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Survey Says: Bring on the Marijuana, But None For Me, Thanks

Newsstand NYC
Newsstand NYC via Susan Sermoneta

Numbers show support for legalizing marijuana in the latest Quinnipiac poll, but most would rather not try it.

In the survey of 929 New York voters, 65% support legalizing small amounts of marijuana for personal use, with the issue receiving strong support across every region, political affiliation, and age group. Strongest support came from the 18–34 age group at 84%.

While the survey respondents were puffed up on legalizing it, it was a "pass" for them on partaking. When asked if they would try marijuana if it was legal for recreational use, every category of those surveyed were on the "no" side, with 70% responding they would definitely or probably not try it. Even among the 18–34 age group, the split was 43% "try" / 51% "not try".

Both New York and New Jersey are moving toward marijuana legalization.

The survey also tackled issues like congestion pricing (45% support), single-payer healthcare where New York state would use tax money to provide healthcare for everyone (45% oppose), and teen smoking, where 70% of respondents support raising the age to buy cigarettes and e-cigarettes from 18 to 21.

When asked a generic question about stricter gun laws, the responses flipped along political lines, with 90% of Democrats supporting and 69% of Republicans opposing, but when the questions addressed specific issues of gun control, Republicans were back on the "support" side. For increasing the waiting period to buy a gun, 82% total support, with 66% Republican support, and for banning the sale of devices that modify a gun to fire like an automatic weapon, 64% total support, with 51% Republican support. Support was strong from every category of those surveyed for "police, family members, or educators to petition a judge to remove guns from a person that may be at risk for violent behavior", with 84% favoring what are called "red flag" gun laws.

Read the full results from Quinnipiac University.


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