No, a New York City Firefighter's Wife Did Not Send Trump Twitter Praise

FDNY truck
FDNY truck via George Hackett on Flickr

In an early-morning tweetstorm, Donald Trump reposted nearly 60 messages of support on Twitter, from accounts that ranged from questionable to those with "common signs of inauthenticity".

One tweet of support was from user @glamourizes, who appears to be a young woman who occasionally shares various memes and… wait a second, the account that Trump retweeted was actually @gIamourizes, with a capital "I" instead of an "L", which until today had been masquerading as the other user, using the same photo and username, and frequently replying to Trump's account with tongue-in-cheek praise.

Apparently today was @gIamourizes's lucky day, as their almost two years of goofing around finally achieved its goal: A retweet from Trump that put the spoof account in front of 60 million followers. All it took was imitating some blind praise that played into a current hot-button topic that would catch Trump's eye: The International Association of Fire Fighters union endorsing Joe Biden for President over Trump.

After the retweet from Trump hit @gIamourizes's inbox, they pounced, changing their username to "Fuck Donald Trump" and rotating through a few profile photos: A faked photo of Trump receiving a spray tan (source), an unflattering photo of Trump golfing, and a Bernie 2020 logo.

As of 8pm, the retweet from the spoof account seems to have been undone. The Trump social media team won't be so easily tricked… eventually!

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