Updates to our Coronavirus Tracker

As of February 5th there are 12 confirmed cases across the U.S. and 4 under observation within the city.

Our Health Page has been updated today with two new patients under observation within the city. Thankfully, test samples sent to the CDC showed one patient previously under observation at Bellevue to be negative for the new coronavirus.

It's crucial to distinguish between confirmed cases and those simply under observation. There are currently only 12 confirmed cases in the U.S., but other people who meet CDC criteria, such as recent travel to areas experiencing an outbreak, will be put under observation and have test samples evaluated by the CDC to confirm whether they are sick with the 2019 coronavirus or if they are simply running a fever. Diagnostic testing can currently only be conducted at the CDC, and testing can take a few days before clearing a person. As of February 4th, 11 people under observation in NY were cleared as negative.

If you have questions about the coronavirus that you haven't seen answered on our Health Page, get in touch with AGBC and we will find the answer!

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