Good news as more of the city's possible coronavirus cases are cleared

Keeping AGBC's coronavirus tracker updated can be daunting as the worldwide numbers increase, but there's good news in today's update as two more potential cases have tested negative for the new virus.

The city health department now provides daily updates on the number of cases being tracked in NYC, which has thankfully remained low. With today's update, there are now more cleared cases (3) than cases under observation (2). There may still be more patients who begin to feel sick and need to have samples sent to the CDC for testing, but as of now, there have been a minuscule number of potential cases in NYC, and zero confirmed cases.

Dropping in a quick reminder here that the real lesson to learn from the worldwide response to the coronavirus is to wash your hands, learn to cover your cough or sneeze with your bent elbow, and avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and face, which are vital habits to keep yourself protected from a large variety of communicable diseases. The seasonal flu is far more deadly every year than the current coronavirus, simply due to the number of people infected who pass along the flu virus to others with weakened immune systems. Getting a flu shot protects both you and everyone around you.

If you have questions about the coronavirus that you haven't seen answered on our Health Page, get in touch with AGBC and we will find the answer!

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