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98.7 Kiss FM's Last Broadcast Celebrated With A Golden Car Memorial

R.I.P. KISS-FM golden car on Hudson Street
R.I.P. KISS-FM golden car on Hudson Street via agreatbigcity on Flickr

Kiss FM, a radio station which has been broadcasting over 30 years in the New York City area, received a golden car as a going-away present just days after it was announced that the station would be sold to competitor WBLS.

Late last week, Kiss FM employees received word that this would be the last weekend for the station. The long-standing soul and R&B station had been divided between two larger radio companies, with the 98.7 frequency being leased to ESPN and the "Kiss FM" branding becoming part of rival station WBLS.

On Saturday, this car was parked squarely in front of the Kiss FM studios at 395 Hudson and was quickly becoming a memorial to the station.

R.I.P. KISS-FM golden car in front of 395 Hudson Street
R.I.P. KISS-FM golden car

The golden car was spray-painted with "R.I.P. Kiss FM", decorated with a vase of flowers, and had markers placed on the hood and trunk so that passersby could write farewell messages. Nida Khan reports that the car was provided by a woman who did hip-hop promotion.

Messages written on the KISS-FM car

Read more about the sudden closing of the station from the New York Times and on the Kiss FM website.

And now, some feel-good music from Kiss FM’s playlist for its final hour on the air:


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