A Police Officer Has Been Shot In Bushwick, Brooklyn

Crime scene being established on Bushwick Ave via @travisrx on Twitter

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An NYPD officer was shot just after 9pm in front of 370 Bushwick Avenue at Moore Street in Brooklyn. The shooting seems to have taken place at the Bushwick Houses, a New York City Housing Development that houses 2,962 residents in 1,221 apartments.

The incident that led to the shooting was unclear, but the officer was shot in the head and taken to Bellevue Hospital via a police heavy NYPD escort over the Williamsburg Bridge. WPIX reports that the officer was alive and conscious when he was being transported.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male with a beard, wearing all black and the surrounding buildings are on lockdown while the search for the suspect is underway

NY1 is reporting that the officer was on duty at the time and was in pursuit of a suspect:

At 9 p.m., the officer and another colleague in plainclothes were at 370 Bushwick Avenue, pursuing a man with a gun.

The suspect fired twice at the officers and shot one of them.

The officers had not returned fire.

The suspect who shot the officer is still at large.

- via NY1

The Daily News has an on-scene report of the incident, which says that the officer was shot in the neck and was bleeding from the mouth.

Here are some photos posted to Twitter earlier that seem to show the police response on Bushwick Avenue and the crime scene being set up:

The New York Times has details from the Bushwick Houses

Speaking at the scene of the shooting, Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, said that two shots had been fired near an entryway at the project, with one striking the officer. “The suspect is still being sought,” he said.

Around 10 p.m., officers could be seen entering one building, carrying shields and weapons. Police dogs were also at the scene.

Matt Jarosz posts a picture of NYPD hostage negotiation showing up at the Bushwick Houses

New photos from on-scene in Bushwick sent in by @JewishReporter on Twitter which show the large police response around the Bushwick Houses:

The officer has been identified and the bullet has been removed from his skull:

During a press conference from Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, it is revealed that the officer was a plainclothes officer who was responding to a report of a person with a gun. The officer also fired a shot but it is still unknown if it struck the suspect. Ray Kelly held up the bullet fragment that was removed from the officer’s skull and the officer is expected to make a full recovery. The suspect in the shooting is also wanted for another shooting on New Year’s Day.

Ray Kelly reports that the suspect is in custody:

Check out another good liveblog of tonight’s events from Brooklynian.

Twitter user @AlwaysActions posts a photo of the suspect apprehended and placed in the back of a gray car:

It’s been reported that four other suspects are in custody, but it’s still unclear how they are involved:

Now that the suspect is in custody, DNAinfo has more info on the shooting, including details of how the police ended up chasing down the shooter and a summary of what the scene was like at the hospital as the injured officer was recovering after surgery.


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