Arrests at Occupy Wall Street's "Occupy Oakland Solidarity March" [video]

First arrests being made at Broadway and Reade as protesters take the street

Protesters and police clash as arrests are made

Photos from throughout the night:

Paddy wagon moving in near the back of the march #ows #occupywallstreet

Paddy wagon moving in near the back of the march

Arrests & nets at Bway & Reade #ows #occupywallstreet

Arrests and Police Line nets at Broadway and Reade

Marching down Sixth Ave in traffic #ows #occupywallstreet

Protesters marching south in the street on Sixth Ave toward Canal Street

Sixth & Canal #ows #occupywallstreet

Sixth Ave and Canal Street

Back at Zuccotti #ows #occupywallstreet

March arrives back at Zuccotti Park

Riot police at Zuccotti #ows #occupywallstreet

Riot police stand opposite Zuccotti Park

More police lining up at Zuccotti #ows #occupywallstreet

More police standing opposite Zuccotti

The night ended like most post-march nights have, with the protesters and police watching each other and waiting. After a few hours, the police presence decreased and the protesters settled in for the night.

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