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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Films On Wall Street [photos]

Subway ads replaced and fake vandalized

Subway ads replaced and fake vandalism for Batman filming on Wall Street

On Saturday, the Dark Knight himself descended on Wall Street – Filming for the new Batman movie closed down Wall Street for most of the day.

The scenes filmed on Wall Street involved large crowds, simulated gunfire, fake snow, and all the advertisements in the area being covered up with fake revolutionary flyers and graffiti.

Gotham PD

The Gotham Police Department cars have been seen quite frequently, and they were also stationed around Wall Street. Since no new Crown Victorias are being produced, these Gotham PD cars were actually de-commissioned police cars, with some of the original interior remaining.

Fake advertisements and flyers
Subway advertisement replaced and fake vandalized

Fake advertisement and revolutionary flyers were used to cover up the normal features around Wall Street.

Tattered American flags on 40 Wall
Tattered American Flags on 40 Wall

Most strikingly, there were tattered American flags hanging from 40 Wall.

Subways advertisements replaced
Fake snow piled on the subway entrance

Fake snow, which felt like shredded paper or paper pulp, was spread around the Wall Street area using large fans.

View the full slideshow of the photos below:


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