Candy Corn Bagels at Brooklyn's Bagel Store!

Candy Corn bagels
Candy Corn bagels via The Bagel Store

A Halloween special at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn: Bagels that taste like candy corn!

The Bagel Store is known for experimenting with special flavors and debuting holiday specials – they even suggest trying the Candy Corn bagel with their pumpkin cream cheese!

The Bagel Store premiered the orange-yellow-white Candy Corn bagel back in 2011, and after multiple location changes and tax problems that abruptly closed the store in 2019, the Bagel Store has reopened a new store, now in Park Slope instead of Williamsburg.

For 2020, you'll need to head to 69 Fifth Ave at Saint Marks Ave in Park Slope. The new store only recently opened in August 2020 and closes by 4pm daily, but if you can't make the trip, your order can even be delivered via DoorDash,, or GrubHub.

It takes a bit more work to conjure up a batch of Corny dough, so Candy Corn bagels cost $3.50 each, compared to around $1.50 for standard varieties. The whole experience will cost a bit more if you dress up your bagel with something like Pumpkin Spice or Carrot Cake cream cheese!

Candy Corn bagel with Marshmallow Chocolate-Chip cream cheese via The Bagel Store on Facebook

The Bagel Store
69 Fifth Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn
@thebagelstore on Twitter and Instagram


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