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Crane Accident at the World Trade Center

A crane crushes a truck at the World Trade Center via @Luiza_CP on Twitter

Around 10am, support cables apparently snapped on a crane at 4 World Trade Center, causing the load that the crane was lifting to fall 40 stories and crush a tractor trailor.

Emergency crews are on the scene and the World Trade Center site and surrounding area have been evacuated.

Watch live video from a helicopter over the scene and listen to the live FDNY scanner to hear the latest updates.

Closeup of the tractor trailer via @DanielDistant on Twitter

WPIX reports that there were no injuries and the crane operator needed no medical attention.

The NY Daily News has some photos of the scene from on the ground.

All is clear at the World Trade Center site and subway service has resumed. The NYPost has a photo showing the steel crushing the tractor trailer and reports that the one minor injury was a construction worker slipping as he ran from the falling steel.

By  – Posted: February 16, 2012 | Updated: Oct 1, 2012 11:58pm | Tags: wtc


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