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A Great Big City

Documentary Video of the Days Leading Up to Hurricane Sandy

“True Storm Chasing Stories – Hurricane Sandy” via tornadovideostock on Youtube

The latest episode of local storm chasers Dave Lewison and Scott McPartland’s video series is a look at Hurricane Sandy’s impact across the region, showing before and after of the hardest-hit areas and a meteorological explanation of what caused the incredible amount of storm surge.

It’s difficult to watch the comparison of before and after, where some people were already planning to defy the City’s evacuation order and ride out the storm, only to find out that the damage would be much worse than expected. The very boardwalk from early in the video is later seen completely destroyed.

Read more about the duo’s storm chasing adventures on their Facebook page and Get the latest updates on $50.5 billion in Hurricane Sandy relief aid that is being approved by the federal government.


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