Examining the actual results of the Prospect Park bike lane

Jonathan Soma is a crazy guy – when it comes to the Prospect Park bike lane, instead of ranting or even suing to get it removed, he decided to actually look at the data from the DOT. Soma combed through the Department of Transportation’s Prospect Park West Bicycle Path and Traffic Calming Update [PDF link], organized the information into an easy-to-read format, and explained what the numbers really mean.

Prospect Park bike lane via DOT

The result? The DOT’s report, which analyzed traffic and bicycing stats from before and after the installation of the Prospect Park West bike lane, shows a different picture than typically reported. Accidents are down, bikes are off the sidewalk, and the overall travel time for traffic increased by one second. Apparently the DOT wasn’t trying hard enough to make it hard for drivers by installing the bike lane.

Learn More

Councilmembers Brad Lander and Stephen Levin’s survey of 3,000+ Brooklyn residents concerning the PPW bike lane

The DOT’s official page detailing the history and original intention of the PPW bike lane


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