NiteCore Tube Rechargeable Keychain LED Light

Unbelievably powerful and useful every day

The problem with keychain LED lights is the battery. Any $1 light for sale next to the cash register of a convenience store will glow fairly bright for a while if you can summon the thumb strength to continually squeeze the button. Once the power starts to fade, you're faced with prying it open and spending a few more bucks to buy a new watch battery.

Now, travel with me to a better world — one where you can blast out 45 lumens of light and recharge with a simple USB cable. Burning the midnight oil? Well stop that, open flames are dangerous. The NiteCore Tube can run 48 hours on its lowest setting, which is about equal to the light from a candle. Hang it up by its metal keyring and you'll have enough light to prepare dinner during any superstorm-induced power outages. Turn the power up to maximum and you'll have a full flashlight's worth of power between your fingers, ready to light if you drop something behind a filing cabinet at work.

It's really amazing how often a tiny flashlight comes in handy, and the flat plastic case and lithium-ion battery make the NiteCore so light that it's barely noticeable when carried in a pocket.

Rating is a 4 out of 5 from 553 reviews, and the price fluctuates around $9 to $10.

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