Happy Christmas From A Great Big Log!

The history of the WPIX Yule Log via Yahoo

Happy Christmas!

Check out the special Christmas styling on the main page of A Great Big City and warm your feet by the fire! The background has been changed to a fireplace and inside each story there’s some snow scattered around :) Click the link in the top right to kick back and enjoy the cozy yuletide scene.

A heartfelt “Thank you!” to everyone who has been a part of AGBC in the past year. Stop by the Donate page for an end-of-year wrap-up and read about some of the newly-added features on the blog.

History of the Yule Log in NYC

The (virtual) burning of the yule log has become a tradition in the New York City area thanks to the WPIX Yule Log, and 2011 will be its 45th anniversary! Now you can follow the Log on Twitter @WPIXYuleLog, watch it on your mobile device, tune in to WPIX from 9am to 1pm Christmas Day to see the Log on TV, or gather ‘round the ol’ laptop and watch the yule log on the NY Daily News!

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