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April 14 in New York History

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Friday, April 14, 1911 — 108 years ago

A devastating fire sweeps through Polo Grounds stadium in Upper Manhattan, destroying the wooden structure and leaving only the steel support structure intact. During reconstruction, the New York Giants moved to nearby Hilltop Park, then the home of the Yankees. Rebuilding efforts allowed a new Polo Grounds to reopen just three months later, now constructed with concrete and steel. Two years later, the Yankees would then use the Polo Grounds while the first Yankee Stadium was being constructed nearby in the Bronx. The fourth iteration of the Polo Grounds stadium would stand until 1964 when the city acquired the land under eminent domain and constructed the Polo Grounds NYCHA houses there.

Saturday, April 14, 2018 — One year ago

David Buckel, a prominent gay rights lawyer and environmental advocate, sets himself on fire in Prospect Park. In a note left nearby his body in the southwest corner of Prospect Park, David explained that he chose to die by self-immolation in protest and to illustrate the damage that fossil fuels are doing to the environment. He also apologized in advance to those that would discover his burned body.

Through his work with Lambda Legal, David was a force to secure and expand the rights of the LGBT community across the country. After a long legal career, he had recently began focusing on urban composting and environmentalism, building projects at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Red Hook Community Farm.

You can visit the Red Hook Farm to volunteer and learn about composting on Fridays and Saturdays. Check their website to learn more at

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Record High: 85°F in 1941
Record Low: 26°F in 1950

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