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April 18 in New York History

📝 On This Day 📝

Thursday, April 18, 1912 — 107 years ago

Wednesday, April 18, 1923 — 96 years ago

The original Yankee Stadium officially opens, with the Yankees beating the Red Sox 4 to 1. The stadium would close for renovations in 1973 and re-open in 1976. The final game was played in 2008 as the Yankees moved to their new stadium nearby and demolition of the old park was completed in May 2010. The site of the former stadium is now a public baseball diamond named Heritage Field in Macombs Dam Park.

Wednesday, April 18, 1979 — 40 years ago

New York Airways helicopter crashes upon takeoff at Newark International Airport, killing three and injuring 13. A tail rotor fracture caused the helicopter to tear apart at the tail and crash from 150 feet above the airport. This was the third deadly accident by New York Airways, including a shocking crash atop the Pan Am building in Midtown, and the company soon declared bankruptcy.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 — 13 years ago

Roosevelt Island Tram suffers mechanical problems, trapping 69 people in two tram cars in the air for seven hours. The outage began at 5:22pm and passenger rescues lasted until the early morning hours, with one car near Manhattan being evacuated via crane and the other via multiple trips in a rescue basket. After this incident, the tramway ceased operations until September 2006, when it reopened with upgraded infrastructure and supplies stored in each tramcar that include emergency water, food, blankets, and a toilet.

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🌞 Weather Records 🌞

Record High: 96°F in 1976
Record Low: 25°F in 1875

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