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April 28 in New York History

📝 On This Day 📝

Wednesday, April 28, 1937 — 82 years ago

The first animated electric sign debuts along Broadway, featuring 2,000 light bulbs that depict a cartoon scene, similar to how later neon signs would light up figures in sequence to show movement.

Sunday, April 28, 1940 — 79 years ago

'Pennsylvania 6-5000' is first recorded by the Glenn Miller Orchestra. The song would become a jazz standard and make one of New York's phone numbers internationally known. The title references the style of using a word to remember a phone number's first digits, with the PE from 'Pennsylvania' representing numbers beginning 73 in the area around Penn Station. Combined with Manhattan's area code, the number is 212-736-5000, which will still to this day connect you to the Hotel Pennsylvania!

Here's the Ithaca High School Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Bill Makin performing Pennsylvania 6-5000 for their winter concert in 2016:

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3 years ago
Evening Update for Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Library of Congress  •  New York Times  •  BBC  •  Wikipedia

🌞 Weather Records 🌞

Record High: 90°F in 2009
Record Low: 31°F in 1874

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