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February 13 in New York History

📝 On This Day 📝

Thursday, February 13, 1975 — 44 years ago

A three-alarm fire burns in the World Trade Center North Tower for three hours, beginning on the 11th floor and spreading to floors 9 through 14. The cause was undetermined, but seemed to start under a desk in the 11th floor record-storage room of B.F. Goodrich. The fire reinvigorated calls for the towers to install fire-suppressing sprinkler systems, which would be required under New York law but were not installed as the WTC is a Port Authority building and technically outside of NY fire code jurisdiction.

⏰ AGBC Rewind ⏰

2 years ago
Fourteen Couples Will Get Married This Valentine's Day at the Top of the Empire State Building

🌎 World History 🌏

Library of Congress  •  New York Times  •  BBC  •  Wikipedia

🌞 Weather Records 🌞

Record High: 64°F in 1951
Record Low: -1°F in 1914

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