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March 5 in New York History

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Monday, March 5, 1923 — 96 years ago

"Human Fly" Harry F. Young falls to his death while climbing the Hotel Martinique as part of a movie promotion. The stunt was a promotion for the movie 'Safety Last!' starring Harold Lloyd, a comedic actor who performed a now famous stunt where the main character climbs a building and dangles from the hands of a large clock. In the movie, the daredevil effect was achieved via camera trickery so that it only looked like Harold Lloyd was hanging above a Los Angeles street. In reality, the film's producers hired Human Fly Harry Young to make a real climb without safety gear in New York ahead of the film's debut. In a photo that appeared in the Atlantic News Telegraph, Harry Young can be seen gripping the Martinique Hotel along Broadway at 32nd Street where it meets the neighboring building between the fourth and fifth floors. A crowd had gathered at Greeley Square across from Gimbels department store to watch his climb and witnessed his death when he his grip and fell ten stories.

Thursday, March 5, 2015 — 4 years ago

Delta Flight 1086 veers off a LaGuardia runway after landing, skidding along a seawall at the perimeter of the airport. The plane sustained significant damage but there were only 24 minor injuries to passengers. The cause was deemed to be pilot error.

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Record High: 72°F in 1880
Record Low: 3°F in 1872

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