May 19, 1962 in New York history

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62 years ago on May 19th, 1962

Marilyn Monroe performs "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" as part of John F. Kennedy's 45th birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden

The event was held as a fundraising event for the Democratic Party. The song was jazzed up and sung in a sultry voice, and would go on to become an iconic event that would be referenced and parodied in pop culture, and the dress Marilyn wore that night was bought by Ripley's Believe It or Not for $4.8 million in 2016, and is now on display at the museum's Hollywood location. Three months after the performance, Ms. Monroe would die from an overdose and a year and a half later, JFK would be assassinated in Dallas, Texas.


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Record High: 99°F in 1962
Record Low: 38°F in 1976

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