September 19, 1997 in New York history

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27 years ago on September 19th, 1997

A woman drives her 1992 Hyundai off the Staten Island ferry while it is still 50 feet from the dock, knocking down a worker and plunging into the water reports that the impact shattered the rear windshield and the water swept the driver out the back. Bill Kane dove into the water from the pier to assist her in climbing out of the water. Workers on the ferry said it appeared that the driver had dozed off and was stunned awake as they approached the dock, apparently slamming down the accelerator and crashing through the metal gate across the vehicle bay of the ferry.


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Next year will be 25 years since MY mom accidentally drove her car off the Staten Island Ferry. The day of the accident she fell asleep with the car turned off. She was startled awake, started the car and drove the car to exit the ferry only to drive off the boat thru the gate knocking a off duty deckhand into the water, the car nose down into 30 feet of water, 50 feet from the dock. Thank God for the captains quick response to put the boat into reverse and to Arthur Sonnogren for diving in and bringing her to safety. She is no longer with us but I still think about it every September 19th and thank god that she was saved that day. I love you mom.

September 17, 2021 12:15pm

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