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Large Fight Breaks Out at Nassau Coliseum During "Haunted Coliseum" Event

Scene inside Nassau Coliseum after concert is shut down
Scene inside Nassau Coliseum after concert is shut down via @anandppatel on Twitter
Scene inside Nassau Coliseum after concert is shut down Police outside the Nassau Coliseum after evacuation Mounted police outside the Coliseum @Sergioo_Davee on Twitter" data-fancybox="508cacc65b01cf0002006b88" href="" rel="508cacc65b01cf0002006b88" title="Police outside "Haunted Coliseum""> Police outside Happier times before the concert evacuation Ambulances line up to treat the many sick patients Large crowds outside the Coliseum
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The “Haunted Coliseum” event being held at the Nassau Coliseum has been cancelled and the venue evacuated after a large fight with many injuries breaks out. As many as 40 emergency vehicles responded to treat injuries and mounted police arrived to control the crowd outside the building.

Reports have spread on Twitter of one casualty, possibly from stabbing, but no official police word is available.

[Update] Any reports of injuries or deaths were false – as of the next morning, the only reported incidents were multiple intoxicated teens becoming sick. Spin Magazine has details of the night, including the strange incident of a helicopter landing near the event, leading to the pilot being arrested and the helicopter impounded!

Tonight’s event was called Haunted Coliseum and described as the “Biggest Dance Music Party in Long Island history” on the event’s About page.

If you were at the event and have photos, drop them in the comments or tweet them to @agreatbigcity on Twitter.


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