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Mars Bar Cleans Up Its Act

Mars Bar has been looking a little more… presentable lately:

Mars Bar is looking a bit... sanitized

Mars Bar on October 1, 2011

Compare that to this picture of Mars Bar, shortly after it closed:

Mars Bar Demolition

Mars Bar on July 28, 2011

The graffiti has been removed from the roll-down metal gates and the mural on the black wall has been completely painted over.

Mars Bar R.I.P. Mural

Black and white mural on Mars Bar from July 1, 2011 (click for detail)

The entire building is slated for demolition, and has already been sold, so it seems strange that the exterior would need to be cleaned or repainted.

Any ideas? Is the current owner sprucing up the property to sell to another buyer? Leave a comment below!


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