More Santas Than You Can Shake A Candycane At - SantaCon NYC 2011 [photos]

Santas at the Seaport
Santas at the Seaport via @alainsmi on Twitter
Santas at the Seaport Christmas Cheer in City Hall Park Time for lunch? Grand Central Station flooded with Santas Santas take the stairs Grand Central Station flooded with Santas Santas in Battery Park City Santas at the NYPL
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Santas all over the city! Today was SantaCon 2011, which brought thousands of red-suited Santas to the streets.

The yearly bar-crawl started in two locations, which remained secret until the day of the event – one group gathered along the Hudson River in Battery Park City, and another group in Brooklyn at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The jolly attendees followed along with the @SantaCon Twitter account to get updates on where to go next (and which also allows locals to know which bars to avoid).

Stay cool, Santas! Don’t forget to play by the SantaCon rules:

How to be a good Santa:

* Don’t be THAT Santa.
* Fill your Metrocard. You will need one with at least 4 rides on it.
* Obey the law. Even open container laws. Even traffic laws.
* Pace yourself. Santa is jolly, not sloppy.
* Tip your bartenders or rot in Santa’s douchebag hell for all eternity.
* Bring cash. Bar stops are too crowded to run a tab.
* Break in your boots. When the sleigh breaks down, Santa walks. A lot.
* Donate food. Bring at least two non-perishable items to the start point.


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