New Electric FedEx Delivery Trucks Show Up on Manhattan Streets

New electric FedEx delivery truck via @MattOnTime on Twitter

FedEx is testing some new all-electric delivery trucks in their fleet, and yesterday, two people on Twitter posted photos of the trucks roaming the streets of NYC.

Electric FedEx truck via @jkeefe on Twitter

The futuristic-looking truck is the Navistar eStar, an all-electric delivery truck, and is one of only 43 all-electric FedEx vehicles deployed worldwide in Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Memphis, New York City and Paris. FedEx has been testing the all-electric trucks as part of their plan to use cleaner delivery vehicles and to incorporate them into a complete zero-emission cycle, generating electricity at their delivery centers from solar and other renewable energy sources to recharge the vehicles.

Down the road, we see the possibility of charging electric vehicle fleets with low- or zero-emission electricity generated on site by such innovations as solar electric arrays, like those at FedEx locations in California, New Jersey and Germany, or the Bloom Energy Server, another new technology we’re helping to pioneer through evaluating it at our solar-powered hub in Oakland.”

- FedEx

Keep an eye out for the electric FedEx trucks or one of their 330 other hybrid-electric delivery vehicles and send in a pic if you spot one around New York City!

Check out the video below for a tour of one of the trucks, including something you may not have noticed at first – there are no doors! You get in and out of the truck by walking back into the storage area and exiting through the side!

Want to test drive one for yourself? The nearest dealer is Truck King International on Avenue D in Brooklyn.

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