A Great Big City

New York City by Bike - Four Seasons, Three Boroughs, and One Year's Worth of Video

“New York City by Bike” via Raphe Evanoff on Vimeo

Watch all four seasons unfold in the streets of NYC from a bike’s point of view!

This is a short about the many looks of New York City as seen by bike. Over the course of a year I attached a camera to record bike trips over the course of the 4 seasons, to 3 boroughs (sorry Bronx and Staten Island), on variety of NYC transportation arteries. This is a collection of impressions to show the multitude of sites and experiences of day to day bicycle travel in the city; mundane to extraordinary.

In the last 5 or so years NYC has undergone a remarkable transformation towards becoming a more bike friendly city with the increased presence of both bike lanes and bikers on the streets. Far flung areas of the city are visited with greater ease and the streets are a slightly more comfortable for even the casual cyclist.

All footage shot on a Go Pro Hero HD and cut on FCP.

Music by Outkast and Deerhunter.
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