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NYC Government and the Taxi and Limo Commission propose increased fines for refusing taxi service

Today, Mayor Bloomberg held a press conference with Councilmember Vacca and Commissioner Yassky to announce an agenda and new legislature after undercover video shows taxi drivers refusing to take passengers to the outer boroughs.

Has a yellow taxi refused your ride because the destination was too far away? You can file a complaint by calling 311 or submitting 311’s online yellow taxi complaint form, where you can also report other violations and complaints, such as the driver refusing to accept a credit card or even if the driver is just plain rude.

If you’re feeling more vigilante about reporting a taxi driver’s misdoings, check out Taxihack. If you tweet @taxihack plus the medallion number, Taxihack will retweet your complain and also aggregate all the results on their website into a searchable database which includes the company that operates the cab and all previous complaints about the taxi, the driver, or the company.

Official press release from

Undercover videos of drivers refusing to take passengers to outer borough destinations

Taxicab Rider Bill of Rights


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