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NYPD Officer Seen Carrying a Large Pepper Spray Canister at the Six-Month Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

NYPD spray canister via @mtracey on Twitter

During the March 17th Occupy Wall Street action, where OWS spent their six-month anniversary rallying in Zuccotti Park, several people on Twitter mentioned seeing an officer carrying a large pepper spray canister, and Michael Tracey posted the photo above.

The canister appears to be the MK-46H made by Defense Technology.

MK-46H and other OC canisters via tactical-life.com

The holster that the NYPD officer is using covers the colored band on the canister that identifies the concentration of “Major Capsaicinoid” in the pepper spray: a white band is 0.2%, yellow band is 0.4%, orange band is 0.7%, and red or blue band is 1.3%. The Defense Technology website states that 0.4% (yellow band) is the most popular nationwide among patrol officers

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