NYPD Spokesperson Paul Browne Denies that New Zuccotti Eviction Video was Leaked

Sparks fly as NYPD officers cut a metal chain
Sparks fly as NYPD officers cut a metal chain via Imgur link
Imgur link' data-fancybox='5060c63914bd66000200427e' href='https://img.agreatbigcity.com/5060c63914bd66000200427e/Hmb34.png' rel='5060c63914bd66000200427e' title='Sparks fly as NYPD officers cut a metal chain'> Sparks fly as NYPD officers cut a metal chain Imgur link' data-fancybox='5060c63914bd66000200427e' href='https://img.agreatbigcity.com/5060c63914bd66000200427e/hEipf.png' rel='5060c63914bd66000200427e' title='Protester being pulled by an NYPD officer'> Protester being pulled by an NYPD officer Imgur link' data-fancybox='5060c63914bd66000200427e' href='https://img.agreatbigcity.com/5060c63914bd66000200427e/jtseX.png' rel='5060c63914bd66000200427e' title='Protesters lying on the ground as NYPD officers stand over them'> Protesters lying on the ground as NYPD officers stand over them Imgur link' data-fancybox='5060c63914bd66000200427e' href='https://img.agreatbigcity.com/5060c63914bd66000200427e/0b9vN.png' rel='5060c63914bd66000200427e' title='NYPD officer seen holding a megaphone'> NYPD officer seen holding a megaphone Imgur link' data-fancybox='5060c63914bd66000200427e' href='https://img.agreatbigcity.com/5060c63914bd66000200427e/wFG5z.png' rel='5060c63914bd66000200427e' title='Protesters lined up along a table in Zuccotti'> Protesters lined up along a table in Zuccotti
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The hacking group Anonymous posted a link today to what they claimed was video footage from NYPD TARU as Occupy Wall Street was being cleared out of Zuccotti Park last November, but police spokesperson Paul Browne claims that the video is simply a compilation of footage that was previously made public.

Video released by Anonymous via Youtube

While the video may show angles and footage that was previously unseen, Paul Browne’s statement seeks to clarify that the footage was not leaked from within the department, but instead “may have been a combination of footage from television news cameras, public court records and even possibly from the occupiers themselves.” Since lawsuits have taken place in response to the clearing of the park, some police footage included in the video may have been part of court records and become public through that process.

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