Occupy Wall Street's #FightBAC Protest at Bank of America [photos]

#OWS setting up furniture in front of Bank of America

OWS sets up a living room in front of Bank of America

Today’s Occupy Wall Street protest involved holding demonstrations outside a few financial institutions downtown, but the main event of the day was constructing an impromptu living room outside the Bank of America on Greenwich Street at Murray Street.

OWS began the day in Battery Park City near the World Financial Center, but soon crossed over into the Financial District to protest in front of Moody’s at 7 World Trade Center, which handles credit ratings of corporations and financial institutions.

Babies up in the Barnes and Noble windows are leaning down to watch
Full view of the #OWS Bank of America protest

Moving just north of the World Trade Center, the protesters set up a living room scene outside Bank of America by unloading furniture from the back of panel trucks and arranging it in front of the bank.

The panel trucks that unloaded the living room furniture #OWS

Panel trucks which carried the furniture to the Bank of America protest

#OWS in front of Bank of America on Greenwich St

NYPD moves in on the living room area in the middle of the crowd

#OWS setting up furniture in front of Bank of America

The living room occupied by protesters

Empty living room outside Bank of America #OWS

The living room cleared out by the NYPD

Seven people were arrested in the altercation resulting from setting up the living room.

After the action at Bank of America, Occupy made their way back to Zuccotti Park and began stretching yellow tape between the trees in the park and around the Joie de Vivre sculpture, all of which was quickly torn down by the private security that Brookfield Properties has had patrolling the park 24 hours a day since the park was cleared of protesters in November.

There are absolutely more NYPD at Zuccotti than protesters #OWS

The NYPD response in Zuccotti resulted in a nearly 1:1 ratio of police officers to protesters

This Friday, regular marches on Wall Street will resume, and this Saturday will mark the six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, which will involve a march from Zuccotti Park to the Irish Hunger Memorial in Battery Park City.


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