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One West Village Bar Uses Hurricane Irene as a Marketing Opportunity

Local West Village bar Downtown Galway Hooker showed no fear of Hurricane Irene, and instead decided to stay open and make some new friends!

Looks closed... or is it?

Many businesses in the area had taken the precaution of boarding up their windows to prevent damage, but only Downtown Galaway Hooker on Seventh Avenue took the extra step of spray-painting messages on the outside declaring themselves a zombie-proof West Village safe house and keeping the doors open! The morning after the storm, many people were still stopping by to take pictures of the unique storm prep.

More photos on the DGH Facebook page.

And, in case you’re wondering (like I was):

For those that don’t know, a Galway Hooker is a traditional sailing boat used in Galway Bay off the coast of Ireland. The hooker was developed for the strong seas there. It is identified by the sail formation, which is extremely distinctive and quite beautiful. – DGH site


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