Hook Creek Park

Hook Creek Park [OpenStreetMap]

A very large nature area at Brookville Blvd., Huxleyy St. bet. 149 Ave. and Hook Creek Basin in Queens


Founded October 18, 1967 — 57 years ago

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Hook Creek Park (formerly known as "Public Place Park") and Hook Creek Waterway is a natural preserve and fish-wildlife habitat located on Huxley Streets in Rosedale (Queens), New York. The Hook Creek waterway is a 100-acre natural preserve marshland, inclusive of Idlewild Park Preserve (346-acres) leading from and into Jamaica Bay which leads into the Atlantic Ocean. Idlewild Park Preserve is classified as a significant ecosystem (grassland/shrubland, freshwater wetland, salt marsh) and a significant fish and wildlife habitat (bird, herpetile, invertebrate, fish, insect). It has a special regulatory designation and includes federal-state-local rare, threatened and endangered species. Idlewild Park Preserve includes Hook Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, Idlewild Park Preserve, Brookville Park, and Public Place. There is a water launch (canoes, kayaks) at the dead end of Huxley Street and Craft Avenue. [Note: The correct spelling of Huxley (with one letter 'y,' not two).]

July 20, 2023 11:11pm

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