Pier 107 CVII

Pier 107 CVII [OpenStreetMap]

A very small waterfront facility at FDR Dr. at E. 107 St. in Manhattan


Founded March 3, 1994 — 30 years ago

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Born and raised in east Harlem. 1935/1952. Played stick ball,stop ball, opened the Johnny pup on hot summer days and ran like hell when the cops came to shut it off. Hitched rides on the back of the 3rd ave trolly car to 114th st then east to Benjamin High school. Rode my bike all over east Harlem, central park and then over to Randles island and swam in the east river. Jumped off the Willis ave bridge and played Johnny on the pony on the 107th st pier in the east river. All great memories.

March 11, 2022 10:11am

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