Triborough Bridge Approach Triangle

Triborough Bridge Approach Triangle [OpenStreetMap]

A small piece of Parks property that contains one big road sign! This triangle at the corner of 93rd and FDR Drive is nicely landscaped and surrounded by a low, decorative fence, and inside is a large stone monolith that reads "East River Drive Triborough Bridge Approach". This marker is from the 1930s when both the East River Drive (FDR Drive) and the Triborough Bridge (RFK Bridge) were built and is giving drivers some very advance notice that this road leads to the bridge on-ramp at 125th Street, much like the green overhead highway signs do today.

A very small triangle at East 93 Street and FDR Drive in Manhattan


Founded March 13, 1935 — 89 years ago

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My research on Robert Moses has revealed that this location was originally planned as the connection across the East River to Astoria but Robert Moses worked with his friends that owned property in East Harlem to have the property condemned and to move the approach there. My understanding is that the original plan never included an approach at 125th St.

November 9, 2022 2:34am

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