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A Great Big City

Philly Street Artist 'Notes4Strangers' Leaves Post-Its Around the West Village

It's usually orange! @Notes4Strangers

“What color is your happiness?”

A Philadelphia artist brought a bit of ephemeral questions and quotations to the streets of NYC by pasting some hand-written Post-it notes around the West Village on Wednesday.

The notes were stuck to buildings and light poles and were all signed with a Twitter handle so that passersby could respond to the artist.

Follow @Notes4Strangers on Twitter, and check out the rest of the notes below:

*paint paint paint*

“Paint your world with your mind”

(I don't get this one)

“Your heart is not an object, it’s a tool”

I actually walked past the person putting these up earlier, but didn't realize it

“Happiness is a method of life, not a destination”


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