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Progress at Washington Square Park's east-side renovation

Washington Square East - New construction
Washington Square East - New construction via AGBC

The redesign and renovation of Washington Square Park has hit delays, but with Phase I complete, Phase II looks like it may meet the (revised) completion date of Spring 2011. Check out the gallery below of the renovations to the east side of the park:

It looks fairly complete, but not much different than it did circa 2009. Hopefully this section re-opens soon, because it can be a bit crowded with only the few pathways that are currently open.


The East Side renovation (Phase II) opened on June 2, 2011. Read more about the renovation and see photos at the Washington Square Park Blog.

Learn More

View a map of the proposed renovations from the Department of Parks

Washington Square Park Blog’s coverage of the renovations

Did you know that there are 20,000 bodies buried under Washington Square Park?

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