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Seen at Zuccotti: Occupy Wall Street Stories


Seen at Zuccotti – Occupywallstreetstories.com

Posted around Zuccotti are flyers for Occupy Wall Street Stories, a site which aims to collect first hand stories about the Occupy movement.

Full text:

This site aims to collect and organize your stories from the Occupy movement. It can be anything from your motivations for coming out and your experiences on the street to a personal analysis on the movement. The corporate media has a hard time reporting on us because, in part, there are too many different narratives happening simultaneously, because this movement does not fit into a neat little package. We embrace our diversity, and seek to provide a platform to record and amplify the manifold voices coming out of the movement. Together we may learn from each other and hear what is happening across the country and around the world without any filters. Tell us your story.
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