Shooting in Midtown Near the Empire State Building

Various emergency vehicles at the scene
Various emergency vehicles at the scene via @richrose on Twitter
Various emergency vehicles at the scene Emergency vehicles responding in front of the Empire State Building The view from inside a bus at the scene of the shooting Police reportedly searching the apartment of the suspect in the shooting Traffic backed up at the location of the shooting Overhead view from ABC7 of the shooting "Shooting at Empire State Building. Several gunshot victims, including Gray Line worker" Large crowd near the Empire State Building Spraying off the sidewalk outside the Empire State Building A view of the scene from above Ambulances arrive on the scene Many vehicles gathered near the shooting
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Reports of shots fired in Midtown around 9am on Friday morning.

This morning’s commute was disrupted when a shooting took place in Midtown, leaving nine injured and two dead, including the shooter.

Seemingly driven to commit the shooting after being fired from his position at an apparel company, Jeffrey Johnson returned to the site a year later and opened fire, killing his former boss, Steve Ercolino.

Police in the area responded quickly and were able to track the shooter thanks to information from a construction worker who had seen the shooting take place. The police fatally shot the suspect during the resulting confrontation.

Video of just after the shooting via Jejexxxjejexxx on Youtube

Late in the day, it was still unclear how many of the injuries at the scene were caused by the initial shooting or by stray bullets from the approximately 14 shots that police fired. During an 11am press conference, Mayor Bloomberg admitted that some of injuries were caused by police bullets, but praised the quick and decisive action of the officers.

Coverage from other news outlets:

Timeline of events from earlier in the day:

9:57am – Tentative reports now that two people have died, unconfirmed so far on the police scanner. The shooter was supposedly fired from his job and came back to carry out the shooting.

Members on Reddit are discussing today’s shooting.

10:02am – Confirmed so far: Ten people injured, four people shot.

10:17am – Graphic photo of the presumed shooter, shot dead on the sidewalk.

11:13am – CBS2 reporting that a .45 handgun was found at the scene of the shooting near the Empire State Building. Currently awaiting a press conference from Mayor Bloomberg that was scheduled to begin at 11am.

11:45am – Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Kelly, and Council Speaker Quinn held a press conference from the crime scene on 34th Street, revealing the shooter’s name, place of work, and possible motive of being a disgruntled employee out for revenge.


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