Slash Tracker: Following the Outbreak of Knife Slashings in NYC

Slash City
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Beginning in late 2015, a disturbing trend of slashing attacks began to emerge across the city. Random attacks have accelerated in the beginning of 2016, taking place in the subways, brightly-lit streets, and in locations packed with pedestrians.

This page will track those attacks in chronological order. If you have updates or more info on any case covered here, leave a comment below or use the Contact Page.

Any information on the crimes below should be sent to NYPD Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS or send a text to CRIMES (274637).

Slash Count: 49

November 5, 2015

Two victims slashed on the C Train in Bed-Stuy would be a omen of how slashings would escalate later in the year. Witnesses report that the suspect was not acting unusual before taking out a box cutter and attacking two passengers. The suspect, Stanley Gray, was arrested with the box cutter in his possession, after only being released from jail days prior.

Police say 2 people slashed in head aboard C train in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, suspect arrested

Police say two people were slashed in the head aboard a C train in Brooklyn in what appears to be a random attack. It happened on the Manhattan-bound subway around 3:45 p.m. at the Fulton Street and Ralph Avenue Station in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

November 29, 2015

Slashings occur somewhat often in a city the size of New York, but the recent trend seemed to begin back in November, with an attack on a playwright in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The attacker came from behind and slashed the victim's neck. No arrests have been made, despite the perp being pictured in grainy camera footage released by the NYPD.

'M. Butterfly' playwright slashed in neck near Brooklyn home

A Tony award-winning playwright was slashed in the neck in an apparently random attack near his Brooklyn home, police said Wednesday. David Henry Hwang, who brought home the trophy for his 1988 play "M. Butterfly," was walking on S. Oxford Ave. near Lafayette Ave.

December 16, 2015

One of the most mysterious cases would be an attack on a 16-year-old exchange student in Queens. The attacker wore a surgical mask and gloves and slashed the girl on 13th Ave in Whitestone, Queens as she walked to school. In a strange twist, a note seemingly from the attacker said that another girl in her house was the intended target, and the victim was attacked by accident.

Exchange student slashed in Queens receives mysterious note of apology, and a threat

WHITESTONE, Queens - Nearly a month after a mask-wielding madman slashed a Chinese exchange student, vandals targeted the girl's home and a threatening note arrived. In the letter, the alleged slasher apologizes for cutting the victim saying that she was targeted by mistake.

Before the day was over, another slashing, over what appears to be a small dispute over exiting the subway. The only interaction the victim had with the suspect was that they both tried to exit the subway doors at the same time in Crown Heights, which was apparently enough for the attacker to slice at the man on the way up the station stairs. The suspect is still at large.

Man slashed in the face coming out of subway station in Crown Heights

Authorities are looking for the attacker who slashed a man in the face as he was coming out of a subway station in Brooklyn. The 38-year-old victim was slashed at the Nostrand Avenue station in Crown Heights just after 11 p.m. Wednesday.

January 1

Possibly the first of the attackers with multiple victims, a woman slashed in the Bronx later said her attacker could be the same suspect in the January 6th Chelsea slashing after his photo was released. In this case, the woman turned around to confront the suspect, who said "Iโ€™m not going to hurt you" before cutting the woman's lip and running away.

Chelsea Slasher Attacked Me, Too, Bronx Woman Believes

PORT MORRIS - A Bronx woman slashed across the face on New Year's Day believes she was assaulted by the same man arrested for attacking a woman in Chelsea. And she may have been his second victim that week. Nicole Pagliaro, a 28-year-old graphic designer, was walking to the Clocktower building near Bruckner Boulevard in Port Morris around 9 p.m.

January 6

In Chelsea, a woman was slashed while walking on 23rd Street; suspect Kari Bazemore is later taken into custody, adding to his 32 prior arrests.

Suspect Charged With Slashing Woman In Random Attack In Chelsea

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - A man was arrested and charged late Wednesday with slashing a woman in the face while she went to work in Chelsea. Kari Bazemore, 41, of the Bronx, was charged with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon in the attack, which happened around 5:50 a.m.

January 14

A truly horrible attack as a man is ambushed on East Tremont Ave in the Bronx and slashed multiple times across the face. The victim walked by the suspect without any interaction, but the suspect pushed him and attacked quickly, striking his face with a knife three times, with no robbery attempt or indication of why the slashing took place. No suspect has been arrested.

Bronx man slashed in face in random attack; victim speaks out

A man was viciously slashed across his entire face three times on a Bronx street and is now forever bearing the scars of someone else's madness. "He needs to explain himself, and turn himself in because he can do this to somebody else," said Jose Martin, slashing victim.

January 16

Another terrifyingly unprovoked attack as a man is walking in the East Village on East 6th and suffers a slashing from ear to mouth that requires 150 stitches. The attacker Francis Salud was arrested the next week while he was out on bail for another slashing that took place in October in a courtyard at Bellevue.

Man Gets 150 Stitches After Being Slashed in Face on East 6th Street: NYPD

EAST VILLAGE - A man had to get about 150 stitches after an attacker slashed him Saturday afternoon from ear to mouth on East 6th Street, police said. The 30-year-old victim was walking on East 6th Street near Cooper Union, wearing headphones and looking at his phone at 4:30 p.m.

January 25

Subway slashings begin with the random assault on a 71-year-old women aboard the D Train in SoHo. The suspect lurched up and pretended to fall on the woman, cutting her cheek in the process. Damon Knowles was arrested January 26th after a relative of his girlfriend recognizes Knowles in the MTA's security footage.

Police: 71-Year-Old Woman Slashed In Face On Northbound D Train

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - The search continues for the man who slashed a woman on a subway train Monday morning. A 71-year-old woman was sitting on a northbound D train near the Broadway-Lafayette station when a stranger sitting opposite her got up and slashed her on the left side of her face, police said.

January 26

Just as one slashing suspect is taken into custody, two more attacks happen in the subway system:

Becoming more extreme, an attacker on the 3 Train in Bed-Stuy carries a cloth-covered machete and slices a victim while threatening her and saying "I will chop you up." The suspect, Ras Alula Nagarit, surrendered to police on January 28 after incredibly clear photos of him appeared on the news.

Police: Man In Brooklyn Subway Attack Told Victim 'I Will Chop You Up'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - There has been another attack on a subway train. It happened on a southbound No. 3 train between Atlantic Avenue and Eastern Parkway in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. The 29-year-old victim said the suspect told her "I will chop you up on this train" before hitting her with a sharp object wrapped in a cloth, police said.

At nearly the same time, another attack happened on a 6 Train platform in East Harlem as a man is slashed in the 116th Street station. The victim and witnesses refused to provide a description of the attacker.

Man slashed by stranger at East Harlem subway stop, police say

EAST HARLEM, Manhattan - A 32-year-old man was slashed in the face while standing on a No. 6 train platform late Tuesday, police said. The victim was waiting on the platform at the 116 Street stop in East Harlem about 9:40 p.m. when a stranger approached him and cut his face, police said Wednesday.

January 27

Homeless shelter resident slashed and nearly decapitated by fellow resident at East Harlem Shelter. An argument between the two escalated to the point that the suspect, who had a long psychiatric history according to cops, pulled out a knife to slash and stab the victim. The suspect, Anthony White, was found two months later, partially decomposed in the Hudson River.

Homeless ex-school librarian found nearly decapitated: cops

A homeless former Bronx middle-school librarian with a dark work past was found nearly decapitated Wednesday in an East Harlem shelter, and police are blaming his murder on a fugitive fellow vagrant. Deven Black, 62, was found slashed to death at the Boulevard Homeless Shelter, where he had been staying for only a day.

January 31

An argument on the Central Park North 2 Train platform in Harlem was the next slashing crime. Some type of argument between a man and a woman ended when the woman asked a stranger for help, who then slashed the man's face. Police released photos of the suspect, but no arrests have been made.

Man Slashed In Subway System, 4th Such Incident Over Past Week

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Police in Harlem are investigating yet another slashing in the subway system. A 27-year-old man was rushed to the hospital after getting slashed in the face Sunday morning inside the Central Park North station at 110th Street and Lenox Avenue, CBS2's Ilana Gold reported.

February 1

Schizophrenic man picks fight with subway passenger in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The attacker threw coffee on the victim, then followed him onto the train, getting up in his face and slashing him with a knife. The suspect, Stephen Brathwaite, was later arrested in the subway in Crown Heights.

Suspect arraigned after latest subway slashing at station in Brooklyn

A man was arraigned Tuesday morning in New York City's latest subway slashing, this one at a station in Brooklyn. Police say a mentally disturbed man picked a fight with a passenger and then slashed him in the face. The 30-year-old victim was waiting for a train at the Pennsylvania Ave./Livonia Ave.

February 2

In a record that hopefully won't be broken, February 2nd saw three separate slashings across the city:

Starting at 3:15pm, a high school student was slashed in Williamsburg after being surrounded by four strangers at Graham Ave and Maujer Street. One slashed the victim while the other three beat him. No suspects were identified and no arrests have been made.

By 10:45pm, a man in the Parkchester, Bronx was cut in a robbery as he walked to his car carrying a large amount of money. The suspect stole over $4,000 and has not been caught.

11:30pm brought the final attack, as a man somehow fought off six attackers in Harlem. During the fight, the victim was slashed in the face. No arrests have been made.

New York City slashing attacks continue with three more within 24 hours

The recent rash of slashing attacks in New York City is continuing with three more incidents since Tuesday in three separate boroughs. BROOKLYN In Brooklyn, an 18-year-old high school student was slashed while walking home in Williamsburg at around 3:15 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

February 6

Argument at near 4am leads to slashing in East Tremont, Bronx subway stairwell. Two suspects fled the scene and have not been captured.

Man slashed in stairwell of East Tremont Avenue station in the Bronx

WEST FARMS, The Bronx -- A man was slashed in the cheek early Saturday morning in a stairwell of the West Farms Square - East Tremont Avenue station. At 3:56 a.m. Saturday, the 32-year-old victim got into an argument with two men.

February 7

An argument inside of 218 East 170th after 4am ends with a slash to the face. Details are scarce, and no suspect has been named.

Police: 63-Year-Old Man Slashed In Bronx

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - The NYPD is looking for a suspect in the slashing of a 63-year-old man in the Bronx. The incident occurred on Sunday, Feb. 7 shortly after 4 a.m. Police said the victim got involved in a verbal dispute with the suspect inside of 218 East 170 Street.

A strange "drive-by" slashing, where a young woman was stabbed in the thigh with an unknown object as the suspect ran past her on 25th Ave in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Teen slashed while jogging in Jackson Heights

JACKSON HEIGHTS, Queens - The NYPD is still looking for a man who slashed a Jackson Heights woman Sunday morning. According to police, the 19-year-old woman was out jogging when the suspect ran by and stabbed her with an unknown sharp object. Police said the attack was unprovoked and the suspect didn't say anything to the young woman.

Another incident that is less random, but goes to show how many criminals are carrying blades and willing to use them against their victims: A bodega worker on East 170th in the Bronx was slashed across the forehead after the attackers paid with $20 and tried to scam him into giving change for $200. The attacker has not been located.

63-year-old man slashed in the face in the Bronx

A 63-year-old bodega worker was slashed in the face after a dispute with a customer. It happened at the Bilal Gourmet Deli on East 170

February 12

Young woman slashed in Van Nest, Bronx robbery. The woman was walking home just after midnight as the attacker came up behind her, assaulting and robbing her in addition to slashing her face. A suspect has been identified in security footage but no arrests have been made.

20-year-old woman robbed, slashed in face while walking home in the Bronx

A 20-year-old woman was slashed across the face in Bronx overnight, the New York City's latest incident in a bizarre pattern of such attacks. The incident happened on normally quiet Holland Avenue in the Van Nest section around 12:15 a.m. Friday.

February 14

A food truck run at 2am ends in slashing. Two patrons got into an argument at Jerome Ave and East 174th Street in the Bronx after the suspect allegedly cut in line to get food and a man received a slash to the head after confronting him. The suspect ran and no arrests have been made, but security camera footage captured the suspect.

NYPD: Food Truck Line Cutter Slashed Man

Police are looking for the suspect in a violent Bronx encounter last week that resulted in a man being slashed in the head. According to the NYPD, at around 2 a.m.

February 16

Livery cab driver slashed in Washington Heights after passenger refuses to pay. After a cab ride from Brooklyn to Washington Heights, the attacker pulled a knife and slashed the driver after arguing about the fare. The suspect, Leolyn Rowe, was taken into custody soon after.

Man Charged With Slashing Cab Driver After Quarrel In Washington Heights

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - A man has been arrested in the vicious slashing of a cab driver in Washington Heights on Tuesday. As CBS2's Dave Carlin reported, it was the latest in a string of random slashing attacks in the city that has left many on edge.

February 17

The slashing at Silver Spurs drew citywide attention, possibly because it was one of the few attacks to happen indoors and in such a busy location. A group of adolescents were in Greenwich Village running the basketball candy scam on restaurant patrons, which led to the busboy at Silver Spurs asking the boy to leave. The attacker came back and slashed at the employee, then ran back to the group. One week later, Dominicio Howington, was arrested and charged with first degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Busboy needs 120 stitches after Greenwich Village slashing inside Silver Spurs restaurant

A 25-year-old server at a Greenwich Village restaurant needed 120 stitches after he was slashed in the face by a teen soliciting money from customers. The slashing happened at Silver Spurs restaurant in Greenwich Village. Bobby Barbot is recovering at his Bedford Park home in the Bronx after he was slashed.

February 18

Upper West Side mugging ends in seemingly unprovoked stabbing. It's sad to say, but getting stabbed in the back is one of the better outcomes in a surge of slashing crimes. The suspect was arrested and tied to four total crimes so far.

Man Stabbed In Back On Upper West Side

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - A man was stabbed in the back late Thursday afternoon on the Upper West Side. Just after 5 p.m., the man walking down 88th Street near Columbus Avenue when another man pressed a sharp object to his back and demanded the contents of his pockets, police told CBS2.

In a long line of shoppers waiting outside a busy clothing store, a slashing follows an argument or possible attempted mugging. Witnesses reported that the victim and the suspect had previously interacted, but something led to the suspect slashing and running away. The NYPD released images of a possible suspect entering a subway turnstile.

Man Slashed Outside Busy NYC Store: Cops, Witnesses

Mugger Stabs Man Walking on Upper West Side Street, 3rd Slashing or Stabbing in NYC in 24 Hours A person was slashed outside a busy clothing store in lower Manhattan Thursday afternoon, less than a day after a panhandler cut a waiter after being kicked out of a restaurant in Greenwich Village.

February 20

A very violent addition to the random slashing as two men jump out of a vehicle and attacked a woman in Williamsbridge, Bronx in the middle of the day. No robbery or sexual assault was reported, so it appears the men planned the attack simply to stab and slash the woman. No arrests and no suspects so far.

2 Slashed in Separate Attacks in the Bronx

A woman and a man have been slashed in separate attacks in the Bronx, police said Sunday. In Williamsbridge on Saturday afternoon, two men jumped out of a vehicle and attacked a woman, according to police. One of the two strangers had a knife, and he stabbed the woman in the abdomen and slashed her right ear.

February 21

Thankfully, this officer-involved incident is not quite part of the trend of random attacks, but it is a bad indicator of how many criminals are walking the city, carrying a box-cutter that they are willing to use on someone else. NYPD officer Pierre suffered a minor slash to her face while trying to break up an early-morning brawl in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The suspect, Xiomara Velez, was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer, menacing, and weapons possession.

Brooklyn cop slashed in face while trying to break up fight

A Brooklyn police officer was slashed across the face and neck with a boxcutter while trying to break up a fight over the weekend, police sources said Monday. Officer Denisha Pierre was cut on the left side of her face, from her cheek to her neck, in the Sunday morning incident.

Woman slashed in 3:30am attack in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Suspect is in custody, but the circumstances of the attack or their relationship is still unknown.

Woman, 59, slashed in Brooklyn, man in custody

The victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

At nearly 4am, outside a convenience store in Crotona, Bronx, a man was slashed across the face in a seemingly unprovoked attack. The suspect came from behind the man and attacked. No suspects have been named.

Bronx man slashed in Sunday morning attack

A 32-year-old man was slashed across the face in the Bronx early Sunday, police said. The victim told police he was in front of the Mini Market on E. 173rd St., near Sourthern Blvd. in Crotona, when the suspect skulked up behind him and sliced him across the left side of his face at about 3:40 a.m., authorities said.

February 23

The details are slim, but this attack in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn sounds depraved in its randomness. A man and woman in their 20s teamed up on a teen on Autumn Avenue at 10:30pm, with the woman distracting him and the man slashing the victim across the face. No suspects have been named or taken into custody.

Person Slashed Across Face in Brooklyn: Authorities

A person was slashed across the face in Brooklyn Tuesday night, authorities said.

After late-night argument with homeless man over 50ยข, a victim ends up stabbed and slashed. The suspect lashed out at the victim while aboard the M Train in Bed-Stuy, stabbing him twice in the neck and slicing him across the hand with a pocket knife. The suspect, Miguel Collado, was taken into custody, still riding the subway three hours later with blood on his hands. He has 14 prior arrests.

Man Stabbed on Brooklyn Subway Train: NYPD

A man was stabbed multiple times Tuesday night on a subway train in Brooklyn, police said.

February 24

Violence on a Tremont, Bronx BX2 bus as a man is slashed on his hand and wrist. In an attempt to capture the suspects, the bus driver locked the doors, but the two attackers fled through an emergency window.

Man slashed during fight on Bronx bus; 4th knife attack in less than 24 hours

A man was stabbed in his hands during an altercation on a bus in the Bronx Wednesday morning, the latest in the disturbing string of knife attacks across New York City. The incident happened in the Tremont section around 10:50 a.m., when the 19-year-old victim was stabbed on the BX2 at East 181 Street and Grand Concourse.

February 26

Subway slashings return after an older man slashes a straphanger after a brief argument. The attacker ran out of the subway station in Midtown and has not been apprehended.

Man, 60, slashed by fellow rider on Manhattan subway

MANHATTAN - A 60-year-old man was slashed by a fellow subway rider after the pair bumped into each other during the Friday morning commute, police said. It happened about 8:15 a.m. on a train riding along the northbound NQR line, police said.

February 29

The NYPD may say the subways aren't for sleeping, but when one straphanger took that lesson to heart and tried to roust a homeless man sleeping on the G Train, he received a slash to the nose. The man woke the sleeper around 3:15am, then the two continued arguing after exiting at Classon Ave station. The attacker pulled a box cutter and slashed the man across the nose. Anthony Purdie was taken into custody after being identified by the victim.

Man slashed after waking up sleeping man in subway station

A man was slashed at a Brooklyn subway station Monday morning when he woke up a sleeping straphanger --- who then attacked him with a box cutter, authorities said. The 33-year-old man was on a Queens-bound G train when he attempted to wake the sleeping passenger who was lying on one of the benches around 3:15 a.m.

By the afternoon, the city had racked up two more slashings, both involving high school students:

Two girls were fighting at Legal Studies HS in Williamsburg around 2pm when one pulled a knife and slashed another girl across the nose. The student also bit a school safety officer, but was not taken into custody.

An hour later, a 20-year-old male was leaving Brooklyn Academy HS in Bed-Stuy when he was attacked by a group and slashed on the chin with a razor blade.

Two students slashed in separate incidents

Two high school students were injured in separate razor blade incidents in Brooklyn Monday afternoon, police sources said. A student was slashed from the top of his head to his chin with a razor blade about 3 p.m. after he was chased by a group of thugs after school in Bedford-Stuyvesant, police sources said.

March 1

March began with another group mugging that involved a knife. In East New York, a 35-year-old man was approached by a group of four men around 1pm and was slashed across his head with an unknown object while the group stole his wallet. No suspects or arrests so far.

Man slashed in the head during mugging in Brooklyn

A 35-year-old man was slashed in the head during a mugging in Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon, police sources said. The man was outside of 1368 Loring Ave. in East New York about 1 p.m. when he was confronted by four men who cut him with a sharp object and stole his wallet.

March 2

Dunkin' Donuts worker slashed in the Bronx after asking homeless man to leave the store. The attacker was beginning to undress in the Dunkin' Donuts, so a worker asked him to leave. He stepped outside, but then approached the walk-up serving window at the Fordham Heights store on East Kingsbridge Road and slashed the worker with some kind of razor blade. The suspect, Ronald Thompson, was arrested a block away. He has 30 prior arrests and a history of psychiatric issues, according to the NYPD.

Bronx Dunkin' Donuts worker slashed by homeless customer

A woman working at a Dunkin' Donuts in the Bronx was slashed in the face by a homeless customer early Wednesday, police and witnesses said. The 34-year-old victim kicked suspect Ronald Thompson out of the shop shortly before the 5:45 a.m. attack at the doughnut shop on East Kingsbridge Rd.

March 3

Williamsburg racks up another slashing with an early-morning attack on a cab driver. Three passengers seemed intent to rob the cabbie, and one slashed the driver across the forehead. The crime crew was taken into custody a short time later after robbing another man on the street.

NYC Cab Driver Slashed in the Face: Police

A cab driver was slashed in the face by three suspects early Thursday morning in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, police said. The three men were in the back seat of the cab as it pulled up to North 5th Street and Wythe Avenue when one of them reached to the front seat and slashed the cabbie on the forehead, authorities said.

Around 2:30pm, another slashing hit Brooklyn as a known shoplifter sliced a dollar store employee when asked to leave the store in Brownsville. The attacker, William Clifton, was taken into custody.

Brooklyn store worker in hospital after shoplifter slashing

A deranged shoplifter sliced open a dollar store employee's neck Thursday in one of two slashings in Brooklyn over a 24-hour period, cops said. The bloody attack at the Family Dollar Store on Atlantic Ave. in Brownsville, left the 40-year-old victim in critical but stable condition, cops said.

March 7

A rare attack where two victims were slashed by one assailant, but it sounds like it was not a random attack. Just after 4am, two men got into a fight in West Bronx with a third man. The attacker pulled some kind of knife and slashed the two men multiple times. There have been no arrests.

2 Men Slashed on Bronx Street: NYPD

Two men were slashed early Monday morning during a fight on a Bronx Street, authorities said. The victims were on Valentine Avenue near East Burnside Avenue at about 4:25 a.m. when they got into an argument with their attacker, who then slashed both of them, police said.

March 16

Subway swiper stabbed: An argument erupted after the victim was selling subway swipes in the Harlem 116th Street 2 / 3 Train station at Lenox Avenue. Around 9pm, the suspect prevented a woman from paying the MetroCard swiper and the argument led to the man stabbing the subway seller. After being stabbed, the 53-year-old victim retreated into the subway, only to be found dead in the 110th Street and Lenox Avenue station. The suspect, Julio Velazquez, has not been located.

NYPD IDs suspect, victim in Harlem subway stabbing

Major crime in NYC by borough Police said they are on the hunt for a suspect who stabbed a man outside of a subway station in Harlem Wednesday night. The incident began outside of the No. 2 and 3 train station at 116th Street and Lenox Avenue just before 9 p.m.

April 1

Parking garage worker slashed in early-morning robbery. The 64-year-old victim was in the Chambers Street 'A' Train station just after 5am when the suspect attempted to rob the man. His face was slashed from behind, and thankfully the injuries were minor. The attacker fled and no arrests have been made.

Man Slashed During Attempted Robbery At 'A' Train Subway Station In Lower Manhattan

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - A man was slashed in the face by a would-be robber in Lower Manhattan Friday morning. The incident took place at around 5:10 a.m. on the mezzanine level of the A train subway stop at Vesey and Church Streets. Police said the victim was approached by the suspect who demanded cash.

A second subway slashing took place later in the day as a 51-year-old man was seemingly attacked out of nowhere by two panhandlers near Penn Station. No details were given about their interaction, but it ended with the victim receiving a slash to the back. Neither attacker has been identified or apprehended.

Man Slashed In Back While Entering Subway Near Penn Station

A man was slashed in the back in broad daylight Friday afternoon as he entered the subway near Penn Station.

Cereal slashing: Because no reason is too small to slash another human being, this criminal slashed an employee with a small knife after being caught stealing cereal from a Pioneer Supermarket on White Plains Road. The suspect is still at large, but clear security camera footage was available.

Man wanted in slashing after being caught trying to steal cereal: police

WAKEFIELD, The Bronx - After getting caught trying to steal cereal, this man slashed an employee in the Bronx, police said. On Friday at 5:30 p.m., the suspect went into a Pioneer store at 3942 White Plains Road and tried to steal cereal, police said. An employee stopped him and took back the cereal.

The final incident of the day won't count toward the slashing total, but deserves to be included as part of the slashing hysteria: A 20-year-old student from Egypt falsely claimed that she was attacked by a white man who called her a terrorist. Investigation of the incident led to clues that the woman was emotionally-disturbed and had slashed herself earlier in the bathroom of the building where she attends cosmetology school.

Police Say Woman Lied About Slashing in Manhattan

A woman wearing a headscarf lied when she claimed she was slashed in Lower Manhattan by a man who called her a terrorist, the police said on Friday. Robert K. Boyce, the chief of detectives for the New York Police Department, said the woman, a 20-year-old student from Egypt, would not face criminal charges because she had emotional issues.

April 5

Subway slashing on Bronx '2' Train: A robbery and slashing occurred around 1:30am as the victim was riding south through the Bronx. As the train pulled into the Jackson Ave station, the victim was slashed about his head and face and robbed of his backpack. No suspects have been identified.

Man slashed, robbed on Bronx subway

The NYPD is reporting a slashing incident aboard a subway train in the Bronx.

April 8

Orthodox Jewish man slashed on '6' Train at Bleecker Street. A strange set of events in this slash attack: An Orthodox man who only speaks Yiddish and appears to be a tourist from Israel fell asleep on a subway bench around 3:15am. He reports that a black male woke him up fifteen minutes later, attempting to rob him. The attacker slashed at the man's neck, arms, and hands, then stole money from the victim. The suspect was described as a homeless man wearing an orange hoodie, but there have been no arrests.

Hasidic man slashed inside Greenwich Village subway

A Hasidic man was slashed several times inside a Greenwich Village subway station early Friday, police sources said. Cops found the bloodied victim, who is in his 50s and doesn't speak English, inside the Bleeker Street station with slash wounds to his face, neck, arm and hands at around 3:15 a.m.


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