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A Great Big City

Take a Cinematic Ride Through NYC's Summer Streets

Summer Streets via Jon Darren

Take a look at some video from Summer Streets!

Did you head out to Lafayette and Park Ave during Summer Streets to enjoy the open road and take part in some of the activities that the city provided? Out of the 250,000 people who biked, ran, and skateboarded along the streets, two were out there making short films! Check out these videos from Jon Darren and Chanlou, who each used GoPro cameras to film their Summer Streets adventures.

Summer Streets NYC by Jon Darren on Youtube

Cruising through NYC from the West Village to Central Park on a Saturday morning for Summer Streets. Captured on the GoPro HERO with GoPole attachment. Edited in Final Cut Pro.

Summer Streets by Chanlou on Vimeo

A small adventure with a few friends down Park Ave. in New York City during the weekend summer street events!
Recorded with a helmet mounted GoPro Hero 2 camera and edited on Sony Vegas.
Song – Stop and Stare by Fenech-Soler


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