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Taxi of Tomorrow results - Nissan declared winner

Almost a year and a half after the Taxi of Tomorrow contest began, the Taxi and Limo Commission is set to announce their winning choice today. The official announcement will take place at 11:30am on May 3rd, but the unofficial leaked results are that Nissan has won the contract, and will be providing their NV200 commercial van as the new taxi of New York City.

Nissan is a surprising choice over both Ford, which has provided the Crown Victoria as the taxi of choice since the late 1990s, and Karsan, which was promoting a custom-built vehicle, to be manufactured in Brooklyn, and was the highest-rated in a consumer survey released by the TLC.

The Nissan model will not hit the NYC streets until 2013.

Update: Mayor Bloomberg, Stephen Goldsmith, and David Yassky officially announce that Nissan has won the Taxi of Tomorrow competition.

Exterior of the NV200, showing paint scheme

Driver’s compartment, showing fold-down seating

Passenger area of Nissan NV200

Learn More

Nissan’s official page about the NV200 commercial van

Video showing the interior of the NV200, including the passenger area and cargo storage space


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