The Controversial Anti-Jihad Ad That Will Show Up in NYC Subways

This is the “Support Israel / Defeat Jihad” ad that you’ll be seeing on your morning commute.

The ads previously appeared on San Francisco Muni buses (seen above), and will now come to ten subway stations in Midtown after the MTA was ordered by a court to post the ads beginning Monday, September 24th.

Here are the subway stations where the ads will appear, obtained by the Interfaith Center of New York via CBS Interactive.

  • 28th Street – 6 Train
  • 23rd – C, E Train
  • 49th – N, R Train
  • 42nd Time Square – 1, 9 Train
  • 42nd Grand Central Station – 4, 5, 6, 7 Train
  • 34th – 1, 9 Train
  • 72nd – B, C Train
  • 42nd/8th – A, C, E Train
  • Rector St. – 1, 9 Train
  • 57th/5th – F Train

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has released a statement on the “anti-Jihad” ad and also provides their suggested actions to counter the ad, which include a letter to be sent to Mayor Bloomberg and the MTA.

Head over to Transportation Nation to read the full legal document related to the lawsuit against the MTA, which states that the current language in the MTA’s advertising standards is not sufficient enough to prevent these ads on the basis of demeaning language. The MTA will hold its regular monthly board meeting on September 27th and is expected to discuss this issue and possibly modify their advertising standards as a result.

Have you seen any of the ads in the subway yet? Were they being defaced as quickly as they were in San Francisco? Post your pics in the comments below or mention @agreatbigcity on Twitter!

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