The NYPD's Newest Helicopter Focuses on Spotting Terrorism

NYPD's Aviation 22 helicopter
NYPD's Aviation 22 helicopter via NY Daily News

The newest member of the NYPD Aviation Unit comes in at $10 million and carries $4 million in crime-fighting and surveillance equipment.

Known as ‘Aviation 22’, the chopper made its way to the city this week from the Bell helicopter factory in Tennessee. The Bell model 412 is equipped with infrared and radiation sensors capable of detecting any suspicious heat signatures or radioactive material present on shipping vessels in New York City’s waterways and ports.

Mostly paid for with Federal anti-terrorism funds to guard the nation’s ports, the helicopter will be part of the NYPD’s daily counter-terrorism patrol, which searches the city for any possible signs of terrorist activity.

Video of the NYPD’s new chopper via CBS News

The new Bell 412 will join eight other NYPD helicopters. Most are Agusta A 119 Koalas, but one other Bell is part of the Aviation Unit: a silver and white unmarked Bell 412EP which has the capability to fly at night with no lights (given prior FAA and air traffic control approval).

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