This Friday: Ice Cream Delivery Service From Uber NYC

Ice cream delivery vans – CoolHaus photo via Watch Me Eat, Van Leeuwen photo via Snackish

Uber usually spends their day dispatching towncars and luxury SUVs to pick up passengers, but this Friday they will be delivering ice cream straight to your door!

In celebration of Ice Cream Month, Uber will be dispatching two ice cream trucks around the city to deliver treats wherever you request them! The on-demand towncar service has an app that sends a car to pick you up, but Uber is adding two ice cream trucks to their roster – hit the ice cream cone icon in the Uber app and either the CoolHaus or Van Leeuwen ice cream truck will come racing to your location!

If you request one of the trucks, Uber will use the credit card you have on file with them to charge you $12, which buys you five ice cream treats from the truck, one t-shirt or tank-top, and a set of stickers.

The trucks will be serving Manhattan locations only, from 11am to 7pm, so place your order and tweet your experience with the hashtag #omgUberIceCream! (And try not to be too jealous that Boston will be getting Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!)

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