Video of "Immersive Surfaces" - Art Projected on the Manhattan Bridge

DUMBO Arts Festival 2011: Immersive Surfaces on Manhattan Bridge Anchorage

Manhattan Bridge projections via Scoboco on Flickr

As part of the DUMBO Arts Festival, the base of the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn was lit up with multiple coordinated projectors to create a light show of 3D animations and graphics that interacted with the architecture of the bridge.

As Above – So Below is a video mapping projection installation, conceived and created by a group of six artists, Simon Anaya, Farkas Fulop, Richard Jochum, Johnny Moreno, John Ensor Parker & Ryan Uzilevsky. With significant sponsorship from visual production company Senovva, and others, the artists developed a multi-perspective 3D installation that spans a nearly 30,000 square feet canvas on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage in Brooklyn.

Creation of the piece incorporates green screen film shoots, Kinect 3D scanning, stop-motion animation, computer modeling and a host of visual effect programs. The result is an exploration through the inner layers of our psyche, and an inquiry of our personal value systems.

As Above – So Below is included in Immersive Surfaces, a public video projection exhibition curated by Leo Kuelbs and presented during the Dumbo Arts Festival 2011.

Artists: John Ensor Parker (, Farkas Fulop, Johnny Moreno, Simon Anaya, Richard Jochum, and Ryan Uzilevsky

Check out the video below:

Video via shobbs5 on YouTube

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