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What's it like inside Will Smith's double-decker luxury trailer?

Photo of Will Smith’s trailer (right) and gym trailer (left) via J.B. Nicholas / NYPost

The massive two-story movie trailer rolled into town to support Will Smith as he films “Men In Black III,” but was such a nuisance to area residents that the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting had to step in and require that the trailer be moved to a private Park Fast lot a bit farther away.

But what is inside that type of trailer?

Anderson Mobile Estates builds these $2 million two-story expanding trailers that have 1,200 sq feet of indoor space, a 20-person living room, and are decked out with five TVs and high-speed internet!

The seating / dining area on the lower level.

Looking down into the kitchen from the stairway.

Downstairs makeup area and lounge.

A regal bathroom and office space.

Upstairs seating area.

Check out more videos and news features on the Anderson Mobile Estates video page, including a few classic clips where Will Smith brags about his gigantic trailer!

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