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Imitation Subway Worker Steals Tools from Locked Rooms

Subway theft in Brooklyn
Subway theft in Brooklyn via NYPD

The man above may look like an MTA employee to most city dwellers, but he's been caught on camera stealing MTA property.

Wearing work clothes and an orange safety vest, the suspect bears a resemblance to any subway worker typically seen roaming the subway tunnels, but this worker shows his true colors when he uses bolt cutters to snap the locks off MTA rooms and steals the power tools stored inside.

A subway thief can't change his safety-vest stripes, so he was seen pulling the same theft twice in the same subway station. On both January 16 and February 26, the suspect entered the Ninth Avenue 'D' Train station in Brooklyn and made off with power tools.

Visit the NYPD page for more info and to submit any tips you may have. And keep an eye out for a suspicious worker if you catch the 'D' Train in Sunset Park!


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