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Mystery location
Mystery location via Google Maps

Front Yard is our location guessing game! Get to know the city better and explore the "front yard" that we all share: The city's outdoor locations. Each photo shows a street view within the five boroughs โ€” We've tried to crop out any identifying characteristics, but there may still be some hints hidden in there somewhere!

The repair shop in your neighborhood may try to park a vehicle on the sidewalk, but on this street, you might catch your shin on a snowplow blade as you walk by.

It takes a lot of detachable blades to plow 19,000 miles of city streets and all those blades need to be stored somewhere โ€” it looks like this warehouse is the spot! This street view caught the the DSNY bringing out their snowplow blades one fine January day, when there wasn't a speck of snow on the ground. There must have been a storm forecast for the upcoming days that would bring at least two inches of snow, which is the minimum amount for the city to send out the plows. In a previous Front Yard, we looked at where some of the DSNY's 2,230 collection trucks are parked.

But the real question is: Can you guess where these blades are stored? There is a bit of an overpass in the distanceโ€ฆ could that be a hint? Maybe you can narrow it down to which borough we're in. I already checked that construction van, and it's from outside the city, so no clues there.


Those blades are hiding out at this Gowanus warehouse at 2nd Ave and 11th Street, Brooklyn. More residential development has been moving into Gowanus, but the neighborhood is still very industrial, so it's no surprise to see a DSNY facility there, even though there is now a small playground behind the building. It was hard to find a section of the street around this location that wasn't lined with those instantly-recognizable white DSNY collection trucks.

This is also across the street from where a section of riverfront wall collapsed into the Gowanus Canal last week, which was behind the waterfront parking lot of the Lowe's store.

Want to get a better look at the location? Take a ride on the elevated tracks on an 'F' or 'G' Train from the Smith-9th to Fourth Ave / 9th Street stations.

Want to send in your own photos or suggest a location? Take a street shot that doesn't contain any street signs, visible storefronts, or any other easily-identifiable landmarks to make the image harder to guess and email it to us. Check out the rest of our Front Yard locations. ๐Ÿ™


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