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A Great Big City

NYPD Commissioner O'Neill Interviewed by Preet Bharara

O'Neill speaking
O'Neill speaking via JVSantorePatch on Flickr

Hear Jimmy O'Neill talk with former U.S. Attorney about some of the issues facing the NYPD and major events from O'Neill's first year as commissioner.

O'Neill had to hit the ground running his first week as top cop, with the Chelsea bombing taking place as soon as he was appointed by Mayor de Blasio. The news that the bomber had been captured would reach O'Neill as he was being sworn in.

Under the new commissioner, the city has seen crime rates dropping to historic lows that are difficult to even compare to other American cities. Neighborhood policing has brought back cops walking assigned beats where they can address issues quickly with knowledge gained by cooperative local relationships.

Listen to Preet's interview below, where Commissioner O'Neill gives an inside look at what it's like to run the largest police force in America and what he's learned over his 35 years of service.

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